Restaurant Partners

Scoupons Exclusive Diner Loyalty Program would not be possible without its Restaurant Partners who provide our BOGO offers. These premier businesses are committed to your community and its families. They appreciate the plight of schools and other groups who need funds to continue to do their great work. By participating, they are giving to your community in an altruistic way which is commendable. We only include 16 to 20 of the finest venues in your area. We want this to be exclusive and something of significant value. Restaurateurs provide a BOGO so the only expense is the food cost on one entrée (the lesser in value). Most food costs run 35% of less. If yours is in this area, then our Diner Loyalty Card should prove to be an effective and cost efficient tool to generate and grow your business!

You have no out of pocket expense upfront and have the ability to UPSELL customers using our card. BOGOs are great to financially engage customers. By tying in an emotional hook for schools, clubs, teams, organizations… we provide an EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT rarely found in advertising/marketing. You can spend thousands on TV, radio, print, billboards… and not be able to track or account for their effectiveness. The Scoupons Exclusive Diner Loyalty Card is fully trackable. Completely transparent and it provides an improved ROI. Our emotional hook for supporters of schools, clubs, teams, organizations is the best way to grow your business! Partnering promotes patronage! You also control exposure through the expiration date on each card. We initiate a program for a distinct period of time, engaging specific groups. You don’t have to worry about dealing with offers a year after the promotion has ended.

Scoupons Exclusive Loyalty Card Program also helps you move inventory. By providing additional customers, you more quickly move your stock. You wait staff has more customers ….consequently more tips. We help you grow your business and everyone benefits! And we can structure the offer to best serve you. You can provide your BOGO to drive traffic when you need it most.


We put cheeks in empty seats!

The Scoupons Exclusive Loyalty Card also makes a great promotional gift. Why give an ink pen or calendar when you can give someone a gift card worth over $300 to help your community? We thank our Business Partners for their participation and know it will definitely help them grow their businesses. If you would like more information on our Business Partnering Program please email us at: or call 1.877.SCOUPON (726.8766).