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Conventional fundraising is becoming more and more difficult for schools or groups needing to raise money. Box tops, labels for education, candy sales, coupon books, magazines, cookie dough… are laborious and exploit teachers, parents, relatives, friends and kids. Many have food fairs and bazaars which take an enormous amount of time and energy to organize and generate relatively small amounts of funds. 

With Scoupons Exclusive Diner Loyalty Program, you can raise tens of thousands of dollars with one event. Our major difference is the actual value vs. perceived value. When you get a BOGO (buy one get one) it has significant value. And if you provide a BOGO incentive for venues that are premier, the masses will better support the program. That is what Scoupons Exclusive Diner Loyalty Card Program provides …significant savings at premier local venues!

Schools, teams, clubs, organizations… Purchasing a Scoupons Diner Loyalty Card for $20 provides the supporter with over $300 in real savings on attractive venues. Getting a large drink with the purchase of a combo meal or a medium pizza when you buy a large isn’t of much value to most. With the Scoupons Exclusive Diner Loyalty Card just use it once and it pays for itself. Our card is attractive and credit card sized so supporters won’t have issues actually using them. The same cannot be said for coupons or printed voucher programs, where some may be hesitant.

The Scoupons Diner Loyalty Card is like getting a gift card redeemable numerous terrific restaurants. Why buy a gift card to one restaurant for retail value when you can have a card redeemable at many venues, providing major discounts at each! Your school, team, club or organization needs to generate needed funds? Car washes and cookie dough sales are too laborious? We understand. 

Each Scoupons Exclusive Diner Loyalty Card sells for $10. Our cards retail for $20. Your school, team, club or organization makes 100% profit on the sale of each card. So it can certainly help you raise tens of thousands of dollars. Take a school of 500. If each sells 3 cards to friends, family or buys them themselves (great to use on dates) that school can raise $15,000. There are larger schools of over 1,000 students. They could raise over $30,000 with one event! This is a real opportunity, leveraging something of real value to engage your patrons and raise needed funds.

Scoupons Exclusive Diner Loyalty Card Program is timely and engaging. We thank you for your interest and hope you will spread the great news of how we might help your school, team or organization! If you are interested in participating on any level, please contact us.