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About Us


Everyone wants to do what they can to helps schools, and nonprofit organizations!  Scoupons Diner Loyalty Card gives everyone the opportunity to do so and truly benefit in the process. The school, team, club or organization sell Scoupons Cards for $20 and keep $10 on every card they sell! Supporters save at fantastic local venues in the process. So everyone benefits! Everyone wins!  It’s hard to say no to a child trying to raise money for his/her school, team, club or organization. Now supporters don’t have to.  They can buy something of real value and help as well!

Dan Abraham , Founder of Scoupons Diner Cards, presents a check to Danny Fields, Executive Director of Fundraising for OLOL Children’s Hospital
Dan Abraham, Founder of Scoupons Diner Cards, presents a check to Whitney Washington of South Baton Rouge Academy for its Athletic Program.
Dan Abraham, Founder of Scoupons Diner Cards, presents a check to Lori Smith of the Louisiana Pediatric Cardiology Foundation.

In primary and middle schools, most PTOs or Moms Clubs run the program at their schools. They are always looking for something innovative and profitable. They now have both with the Scoupons Card. They can raise more money than imagined in only a 3 day promotion.  Coaches, Sponsors or Advisors for teams or clubs can adopt Scoupons Card to generate desired funds. Why have kids go door to door selling candy or spirit cards when they can sell something that everyone wants and can use!  The more value… the more successful the campaign!  And let’s not forget the bands, dance teams, cheerleaders, Key Club, and other school organizations that need funds for uniforms, equipment, national meets and tournaments.

Donor fatigue is a major issue. Some are justtired of getting pressured, being pressed to buy things they don’t really want or can’t use. But everyone eats out at least once a week. Now supporters can support kids and actually save money when they do…So it’s a win/win! Without supporters no fundraising effort is possible. Your school, team, club or organization greatly needs and appreciates your support. With Scoupons Diner Loyalty Cards, truly the sky is the limit! Please participate and buy our Cards and spread the word of the great things that can and will be done with the Scoupons Diner Loyalty Card!

Just use it once…It pays for itself!